ACISO Seminar Trip 2021

From 4th to 11th May we will be in Morocco

Agadir – the city of sun worshippers

Agadir is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Morocco, about 500 km south of Casablanca.
Known as the "Pearl of the South" or the "White City by the Sea" it is situated in a wide bay with a long sandy beach, with the fertile Sous plain as its hinterland, against the backdrop of the foothills of the high Atlas Mountains.

It's an ideal starting point to discover and learn to love Morocco. Whether atmospherically illuminated at night, flooded with warm light during the day or bathed in the soft yellow of the setting sun, the club always has something majestic about it.


1001 Nights- Welcome to Club Robinson

The endless Atlantic Ocean is right outside the door. The club - located next to the Royal Palace - is the only hotel complex with direct access to the 8.5 km long, gently sloping sandy beach of Agadir and is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a fascinating landscape of dunes.

The elegant hotel, consisting of white cubic buildings surrounded by gardens, offers a magnificent view of the breathtaking Atlas Mountains. An 8 minute walk takes you easily to the beach and 7 km away there is the golf course "Les Dunes Agadir“.


The seminar trip highlights

Selected topics and content from the fields of marketing, motivation and personnel management, service and sales, training theory and science will inspire you. Practical tips will help entrepreneurs and employees to successfully implement what they have learned in their gym.

The team of presenters from the ACISO ACADEMY will provide, as usual, a TOP fitness class program. Here is the right thing for everyone - promised!


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