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Are you achieving

   the Return

  you want?    

Do you only earn the value of one sausage per member at the end of the month?
Surely your investment should pay off more.
We will show you where your potential lies!



More Success through business


20% should be your minimum return on investment. There are many possible approaches to the sustainable optimization of your cash position.

We analyze

  • your operational and business management figures
  • the detailed cost structures
  • your pricing policy

From this point we jointly derive improvement measures and integrate control instruments for goal-oriented action.

  • Orakel: planning and controlling tool
  • Kompass: implementation support
  • ROI tuning workshops

Higher ROI with ACISO








Special tip

"The most effective way to achieve a higher operating result is through a numerical analysis and measures derived from this.“

Heinz Eger, Business Administration Expert

Heinz Eger