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Do you really want to make your customers successful? Do you want to distinguish yourself from discounters and other competitors with special solutions? Then you need to offer your members solutions to their individual problems to really bring lasting success. You can find a selection here.





Become a Health Coach!


Many health problems cannot be solved in the long term by exercise alone. Nutrition plays an increasingly important role. Make yourself an expert in:

  • The gut - your second brain
  • Finyo - the metabolic cure
  • Fasciae - interesting facts about structure, exercise and healthy nutrition
  • Diabetes - the positive influence of exercise and important vital nutrients
  • Rheumatism - a life in balance with rheumatic diseases
  • Back and joints - the top 10 vitamins and vital nutrients
  • High blood pressure - exercise and the right diet

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"When the announcement for Health Coach came, I knew immediately that this would be another pillar in my strategy to position as a health expert.

Now people come to us with doctor's letters, asking us to make comments or simply to explain in understandable words what the doctor means.“

Helmut Wunderlich AktivVital, Halve

Helmut Wunderlich






Lose weight quickly and naturally


The weight loss boom continues. As a supplier in the fitness and health industry, you need a professional, serious weight loss formula for rapid success.

Unlike hCG diets, Finyo follows a holistic concept that covers the three essential pillars of NUTRITION, EXERCISE and MOTIVATION.


Finyo metabolic cure










Special tip

The success of new concepts depends on the acceptance and skills of the team. As the owner, you do not only have to decide  which concepts you want to use. For every concept that you want to be successful in the long term, you need responsible employees with clear goals, and also budgets and competencies.“

Marina Käfer, Consultant

Marina Käfer