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What do Squeeky Ducklings 

   and Customer

            have in common?    

For optimal new member acquisition, the entire sales chain must be taken into account. In an initial discussion, we will quickly find out exactly where we need to start by means of a few key figures. Read more about our client acquisition solutions here.






Campaigns that work!


Advertising is the best investment


Benefit from a huge pool of ideas from approved advertising campaigns and individual approaches:

  • for every target group, every positioning - from discount to premium
  • Media in your unique corporate design
  • Perfect synchronization between online and print advertising
  • Tailored slogans - with your own ideas and suggestions
  • Maximum advertising effect

Fitness Marketing Campaigns that work

Fitness marketing campaigns that work

Fitness Marketing Campaigns that work

Fitness Marketing Campaigns that work




Online Marketing with success!




With a foolproof system you:

  • get a strong selling website
  • regularly receive new content
  • edit your news section and Facebook Fan Page and create newsletters from one system
  • manage all online contacts
  • sell memberships, promotions or packages in your online shop
  • keep an eye on your coverage and statistics

ACISO Online Marketing Service

ACISO Online Marketing Service

Fully responsive websites


Lead campaigns for constant new contacts

Professional Facebook and Google advertising with conversion-strong landing pages bring you new prospects every month.

You only choose the campaign theme. We take care of the rest!


"ACISO's online marketing service really makes working with our website, Facebook and e-mail newsletters easier.

Wolfgang Endtmann
Gesundheitszentrum, Herzberg

Wolfgang Endtmann






Sales ensures Operation!


With the help of the ACISO Sales Force sales experts...

  • you build a professional sales department
  • your employees are optimally trained and prepared for their daily tasks
  • you get a system that continuously provides new contacts
  • you can plan the number of new customers
  • you discover the magic of the squeaking ducks

Fitness marketing campaigns

"One of the best in-house development courses with on-the-job training par excellence. Effective tools, well implementable wording. This optimizes work processes and directly increases the closing rate and lead generation of the entire team. Highly recommended.

Frauke Sowa
Fit hoch Drei, Herborn

Frauke Sowa










The special tip

Again and again, clubs do excellent marketing. They run great campaigns offline as well as online, or they get prospects through active sales in the gym. However, very few contacts are converted into regular members because the following steps are not taken. Plan your sales process very carefully, starting with the initial telephone contact and ending with a consultation. And above all, train your team. Only when all the gears mesh together will you get the best possible benefits from your investment in advertising.


Harry Stoimenos, Sales Expert

Harry Stoimenos