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For many years, ACISO's two predecessor companies, Greinwalder & Partner and INLINE Unternehmensberatung, were the leading consulting firms in the fitness and health industry. ACISO also made it to this spot in 2019. We are proud to have come first place in this annual contest, and we shall continue to always give our best in the future.

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Elli Kiener, ASS GesundSEINzentrum in Lauchringen

Elli Kiener

“Because my company was about to close in 1998 I decided to go to Inline Management Consulting. This was the best decision I could have made for my fitness club. All the training and the intensive support with the consultants with the consequent implementation was the success of my company.

Unfortunately, however, over the years I was no longer entirely happy with Inline and was preoccupied with the idea of quitting and joining Greinwalder. When the merger of Inline and Greinwalder resulted in ACISO, I was very critical. But my expectations of innovations, implementations and ideas were exceeded. ACISO is the business and marketing expert in our fitness industry who, with professional networks, consulting and ideas, brings my own company and the fitness industry forwards.”

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Alexander Grau, SPORTZENTRUM in Neustadt / Aisch

Komplimente von Alexander Grau

“We are very satisfied with the fact that you offer quick solutions. This is why a management consultancies are required. Especially in times of crisis, like now, you can find out if it is the right one.”



Wolfgang Endtmann, OASE - Das Gesundheitszentrum in Herzberg

Wolfgang Endtmann

“ACISO's online marketing service really makes my work with the homepage, Facebook and e-mail newsletters easier.”



Elfi Merx, INJOY in Neuötting

Testimonial from Elfi Merx

“With the support of Björn Schneidereit, we have professionalized our sales department and generated over 150 contacts and 12 new customers in the first few days alone.”



Ole Skerra, FT-Club, Gaswerk, Hamburg

Testimonial from Ole Skerra

“I benefit hugely from the experience in sales, marketing and general management consulting.”



Markus Egli, Fitness Zentrum Wetzikon

Testimonial from Markus Egli

“Slim Belly brings my body-conscious members quick results! This is an important tool for customer acquisition and retention.”



Helmut Wunderlich, AktiVital Halver

Helmut Wunderlich

“When Health Coach was announced, I knew immediately that it would be another pillar to position my company as a health expert. Today people come to us presenting doctor's letters, with the request to make comments or simply to explain in understandable words what the doctor means.

The training as health coaches has paved the way for us to give people answers to questions, and with it we are gradually becoming recognized as health experts and our position is being consolidated. Today, the coach consultation is a fixed component of the support system for members and the coach training is a fixed component for the internal training of employees! Thank you ACISO for creating this opportunity!”

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Martin Kupfer, Fitnessstudio Zorneding

Martin Kupfer

“I particularly like the numerous innovations that constantly provide new incentives and develop the industry. But I also like the great support during campaigns and in day-to-day business.”



Wolfgang and Andrea Belser, INJOY Balingen

Andrea and Wolfgang Belser

“In 2005 we switched to INJOY. Today more than ever we are convinced that this was the right step. Quality has always been one of our most important values. In this respect, the core of the INJOY brand corresponds exactly with our ideas. We are proud of what we have achieved with INJOY and look forward to the future!”



Marc Bodet, Hexagon Wunstorf

Testimonial from Marc Bodet

“With the pain-free campaign, we had 130 interested visitors during 4 information events. 82 participants booked and paid the participation fee in cash. There are still more registrations coming in! We only advertised the events with an advertisement in our weekly newspaper. Great!”



Andreas Heuchert, INJOY Wolfsburg

Andreas Heuchert

“I see ACISO's online marketing services - beyond lead generation - as a functioning system and the launch of a digital future for my company.”



Urs Zumstein, Panthera Fitness Stans

Testimonial from Urs Zumstein

“Thanks to Slim Belly, we can clearly strengthen our positioning as a ladies' gym. Slim Belly has become indispensable for us: On the one hand from an economic point of view. On the other hand, because our female customers are "addicted" to Slim Belly. Whenever they take a break, they start training with Slim Belly again after a short time, because they can feel and see the difference.”



Jürgen Schepers,
INJOY in Alpen

INJOY in Berlin

Rene Meyer,
INJOY in Reichenbach