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"Every illness, every health problem, has a special meaning, because every illness is a purification. You just have to find out from what." This wisdom from Christian Morgenstern sums it up.

The S. M. I. L. E. Health Coach is all about getting to the bottom of that wisdom. Holistically. That is why S.M.I.L.E. Health Coach combines exercise with healthy nutrition. The correct supply of the right vital substances plays a decisive role. The use of LifePlus® products is recommended. This simplifies the implementation, but is not absolutely necessary.

Are you a personal trainer or owner of a health club? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the broad masses of "classic" gyms and discounters? Then ACISO Health Coach training is just the right thing for you.



Perfectly Positioned!

If you want to set yourself apart from the broad masses of "classic" gyms and discounters, you need to offer more than ordinary fitness nowadays. A promising way to make a clear distinction is to position oneself as a holistically competent health provider. For many entrepreneurs this is exactly the right way to a long-term sustainable and successful future. The holistic approach is becoming more and more the focus of attention.

Why? Because visiting a gym is not always just about losing weight or exercising. Customers always want solutions to their specific problems - especially when it comes to health. Let's be honest: How successful are you really when it comes to special topics such as diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure or back and joint troubles?

What percentage of your customers really achieve their goals in this regard? The results are often unsatisfactory. Most gyms are specialists in exercise, but not (yet) in the holistic approach to fulfilling customer needs.



The Health Coach with Holistic Formulas!

  • Attract new target groups
  • Support members in a better way
  • Increase recommendation rates
  • Generate unexpected additional sales


The Health Coach



Become a Health Coach!


Many health problems cannot be solved in the long term by exercise alone. Nutrition plays an increasingly important role. Make yourself an expert in:

  • The gut - your second brain
  • Finyo - the metabolic cure
  • Fasciae - interesting facts about structure, exercise and healthy nutrition
  • Diabetes - the positive influence of exercise and important vital nutrients
  • Rheumatism - a life in balance with rheumatic diseases
  • Back and joints - the top 10 vitamins and vital nutrients
  • High blood pressure - exercise and the right diet

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"When the announcement for Health Coach came, I knew immediately that this would be another pillar in my strategy to position as a health expert.

Now people come to us with doctor's letters, asking us to make comments or simply to explain in understandable words what the doctor means.“

Helmut Wunderlich AktivVital, Halve

Helmut Wunderlich




The Health Coach Training!

Eight topics to choose from

The gut

The gut, your second brain

The intestine is the largest sensory organ and an important part of the immune system.

  • What does healthy intestinal flora mean, and why is it so important?
  • Are thoughts and feelings directly related to the intestine?
  • And if so, is love felt in the stomach?
  • What positive and negative effects does the intestine have on overall physical health?
  • Interesting facts about diseases of the intestine and what they can lead to.
  • What is hyperacidity? How does it develop, and what are its consequences?


Rheumatism and fitness

Fit with rheumatism

What exactly is rheumatism and where is it located?

  • Why is functional exercise essential for most rheumatic diseases?
  • Why must joints be kept in motion, even when they hurt?
  • Which special vital substances, vitamins and trace elements are particularly important with rheumatism?


strong back, healthy joints

Strong back, healthy joints

Why every fifth person suffers from back problems.

  • Why, in addition to strengthening and relaxation, can the right diet alleviate back and joint pain?
  • What is the special importance of vitamins and vital nutrients?
  • What is the connection between back problems and intestinal health?
  • What role do body water and fascia structure play?
  • What are the top 10 vitamins and vital nutrients for healthy joints?


facinating fasciae

Fascinating Fascia

What are fasciae and what is their function?

  • Why is lack of exercise one of the main causes of a defective fascial structure?
  • What is the right dose and scope of strength, endurance and coordination exercises?
  • Why do fasciae depend on an optimal supply of vitamins, vital nutrients and trace elements?
  • What influence do water and minerals have on the fascia system?
  • Why does a healthy fascial structure promote flexibility and mobility?
  • How can you alleviate back and joint pain with fascial training?
  • What do fasciae have to do with tissue lifting?



Adiposity - the vital nutrient cure

Why losing weight is so hard for most people.

  • Why is there a direct connection between metabolism and the "JO-JO effect"?
  • Why is the hypothalamus in the brain the "secret control centre" for weight?
  • What are the best tips and tricks for sustainability?
  • How can stubborn fat deposits, rather than muscles, be broken down?
  • Which high-quality vital nutrients are essential during the cure?


High blood presure

High blood pressure? Thanks, no!

The main causes of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  • What influence does blood pressure have on the heart?
  • Why is endurance training and correctly configured weight training so important?
  • Which vitamins, vital nutrients and trace elements are particularly important?



Fit with Diabetes

Lack of exercise as one of the main causes of diabetes.

  • What configuration of strength and endurance exercises can reduce blood sugar levels?
  • Why is an optimal supply of vitamins, vital nutrients and trace elements so important?
  • How can the insulin sensitivity of cells be improved?
  • What influence do endurance, strength and mobility have on blood sugar levels?
  • Which trace elements do diabetics need and where can they be found?


Asthma and COPD

Asthma and COPD

Asthma and the correct, targeted exercises.

  • What is the difference between inflammatory and non-inflammatory asthma?
  • Why do asthmatics rely on an optimal supply of vitamins, vital nutrients and trace elements?
  • What is the role of amino acids on bronchitis?
  • Why is the level of physical strain important?

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