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You have only

   one Chance

   for an excellent


You want to set up your own business in the best industry in the world. Congratulations on this decision! As a founder you are faced with a variety of tasks. Mistakes can quickly occur in planning and implementation, the same that others have already paid dearly for. Spare yourself this effort and benefit from the experience gained from hundreds of start-up projects.





Your very own Idea!


Competition in the fitness and health market is tough. To be successful with your own idea, the strategy should be right. We support you in the development of your project:

  • Site analyses
  • Business plan development
  • Investment and profitability calculations
  • Strategy development
  • Marketing planning
    and much more!


Start up your fitness business and gym







Opportunities with Franchise!


With 190 locations in Europe, we manage two of the most successful franchise concepts in the fitness industry. Benefit from proven formulas and a strong brand community.

 We provide you with:

  • Operating concepts
  • Investment and profitability calculations
  • Interior and equipment design
  • Coach and employee training
  • Marketing ideas
  • Network meetings
  • Specialist guidance


Fitness startups


Fitness startups

"Because of our test awards I am convinced that the INJOY brand is very well prepared for the future. Switching to the "INJOY" brand now is no longer a risk at all compared to the first people who decided to do so 18 years ago! We can all only benefit even more.“

Kathleen & Tom Söder
INJOY, Rielasingen

Kathleen & Tom Söder