Fitness member retention




Do you already

   have Fans

            or just members?    

Exceptional customer loyalty will be one of the most important criteria for success in the future. There are two ways to achieve this: ensure customer results and build special member relationships. We show you how extraordinary customer orientation works.





Ask your Members!


We often rely on our gut feeling. However, we do not know whether customers are really satisfied with our service or whether they want changes.

The Feedback Customer Survey shows you the naked truth. You will receive detailed results on all gym areas and can compare yourself with hundreds of other clubs.

"Feedback shows us the real priorities of the members.

Peter Becker
Vitamax, Bordesholm

Peter Becker






The Team makes the difference!

Every single point of contact between an employee and a prospect or member makes the difference. That is why everyone should be well prepared for it. Train your team:

  • for the first contact on the phone or in the club
  • to give the best possible support
  • in how trainers become relationship managers
  • to create magic moments
  • to deal effectively with complaints

The ACISO Academy makes your team a dream team!


ACISO Academy Program

Make sure your members reach their goals!

Solve the problems of your customers, in a real and lasting way. If you are looking for the right concepts, you are in the right place.


The S.M.I.L.E. Health Coach brings together exercise and nutrition in various health fields.

The SMILE Health Coach


The  finyo Metabolic Cure makes losing weight a piece of cake.

finyo Metabolic Cure

With Airpressure Bodyforming your members get in shape quickly.

Slim Belly Airpressure Bodyforming


"Slim Belly brings my body-conscious members quick results!

This is an important tool for customer acquisition and retention, especially in a situation where I am surrounded by discounters.“

Markus Egli
Fitness Center, Wetzikon

Markus Egli










Special tip

"Only employees who know why, will be one hundred percent committed to providing the best customer service. Develop a shared vision with your team before introducing new concepts. Let the most important employees participate in the decision about which path you take. This way your team will be enthusiastic about taking the necessary steps."

Marina Käfer, Service Expert